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ECGC - 2022

Spoke at the 2022 East Coast Game Conference in Raleigh, NC. Talk was about searching for a different model to validate Game Design beyond the typical 'Is It Fun' approach. 

PUBG: Battlegrounds

PUBG: Madison

Jun 2021 - Current

Designer - Team Lead


Assassin's Creed VR 


Jan 2020 - Jun 2021

Lead Combat Designer

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Not much has been publicly released on this project yet.

I will update this section after Ubisoft releases more information.



Game Economy Designer

Real-time fast-paced Mobile RPG starring a cast of characters from various Tom Clancy games.

Main Responsibilities

  • Combat Formulas and Balance

  • Weapon Systems

  • Progression Design 

  • Monetization Design


Shiver Entertainment


Game Designer

Mobile RPG in a realistic and military setting.

Main Responsibilities

  • Feature Design

  • Progression Balancing

  • Combat Design and Balancing

  • Monetization Design and Updating

  • UI Design


Shiver Entertainment


Junior Game Designer

Mobile RPG with a focus on character collection 

Main Responsibilities

  • Combat and Ability Design

  • Multiplayer Design

  • Progression Design and Balancing

  • Content Design

TaleWorlds Entertainment


Assistant Designer

Open-world RPG, sequel to Mount and Blade

For several months I worked on the upcoming Mount and Blade game, Bannerlord.  While at TaleWorlds Entertainment I worked on single-player systems in Excel, created levels with their toolset, and pitched and designed several features. Until the game is released, unfortunately I can't publicly discuss my role, in the meantime I'll link to the project's page.

Carnegie Mellon University


 Game Designer

Created two dozen tests and prototypes for the Oculus Rift DK1. 

Including one prototype of Room-Scale Interactions

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